Sunday, November 13, 2011

the mean machines

i'm sure it's the same the world over, but my brother sorrell booke & i derived perverse enjoyment as youths, by sending our unmanned bicycles down the hill, to disastrous conclusions. this was known as the ghost bike.

to me, however, this clip epitomizes what ghost biking is all about. really, it transcends bikes altogether. this is more like a 15 year old getting shitfaced at a party; things start out well enough, but very rapidly devolve into the kid tearing his clothes off, accosting some poor girl, and then hurtling himself, full blast, through the garage door, all the while screaming at the top of his lungs.

enjoy it, fucks.

ps if changing the sound makes me one of those youtube hard-ons, then colour me purple, but i just saved you the irritation of sitting through some bombastic mountain-out-of-a-molehill narration, so fuck off.

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Blog Laver said...

Excellent work TSWOR. You are really coming along post-wise.