Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Americus said...

So that's where Ska music came from. Jesus gave us SKA!!!! ha ha ha

Porchy Von Porchington said...

He says Jesus "zaps" people. I don't remember the phrase "Jesus zappeth" in the bible.

Also, what's with the Pop Tate-lookin jer.koff in the basckground? What's he contributing??

Happy Hans said...

Once I tried to run,
I tried to run and hide,
But Jesus came and found me and
He touched me deep inside.

Best lyrics ever? Yep. I LOVE that guitar player. I think he spent more time playing bars than in church.

I'm gonna sing that song all day.


It's cold, and the fireplace is lit...better wear my new Flamills, the flame-proof flannel pyjama!


Dragovail - Level 15 Dragosaur said...

So many things to say. But in a nutshell; This didn't make me like Jesus, or rap music, any more than I already did.